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Be Responsible …. we Love Majella

January 27, 2010

ABRUZZO PASSION aim to offer fun and challenging holidays, while minimizing our environmental impact as we do so. To a degree we are reliant on motor vehicles and air travel, although we suggest train travel as a great alternative and an excellent way to begin your holiday.

We also make an significant effort with our accommodation and catering, recycling all food packaging and composting our waste. In ABRUZZO we also use water directly from the local water source and  water is captured and filtered from our own stream, removing our reliance on bottled and processed water.

Our meals are all prepared with fresh ingredients, sourced locally where possible, with the majority of our fruit and vegetables coming from either the local village markets or our own veggie patch in ABRUZZO. Bookings and correspondence are managed electronically, avoiding the use of paper.

Over the years we have also become a part of the local communities where we run our holidays and our guests are encouraged to consider their environmental impact and to contribute to the local economy when making any purchases while on holiday.

We aim that ABRUZZO Passion in the Majella has only positive impact on the environment and community, and we hope that you may wish to help us ensure that this is the case. Your presence here in the Majella will benefit the Community and the Park, and if you are interested in preserving this beautiful surroundings, you may find the following tip useful when  visiting:

  • Refill your water-bottles with delicious water from the local villages fountains (Italians come from afar to do exactly this) or from a domestic tap, instead of using bottled mineral water.
  • Respect the Codes of Conduct of the Park: avoid picking flowers or plants, lighting fires, leaving litter, disturbing wildlife, straying from your route, or causing any damage to the environment or structures.
  • A visit to the Botanical Garden in Sant’ Eufemia can enhance your appreciation of the wonderful local flora.
  • There is local otter breeding program to reintroduce these animals into the Orfento Gorge Nature Reserve. If you wish to support this project with a visit, do ask our Manager on site for assistance.
  • Take some time to observe and understand the traditional ways of life of the villagers, and try out your Italian with a greeting or two!
  • Be aware of your electric and water usage – for example switch off all lights when you go out to supper.
  • Make your towels last a full week by drying them in the sun and mountain breezes each day.
  • Use any recycling facilities provided at your Accommodation and in the Community.
  • Shop for Traditional Local Fare to take home, or join a local street party – all in a good cause!
  • Become ECOIST …

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