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Walking Holidays- Offering the Chance of a Different Kind of Holiday

January 28, 2010

In an era where children are encouraged to get out and be active, walking holidays offer families the chance to experience the great outdoors and see some of the amazing sites there are to see around the UK and Europe. Walking holidays are totally different to the package holidays that the majority of people opt for but they also appeal to a different segment of consumer.

With cheap holidays been frequently offered, most people overlook other kinds of holidays such as walking holidays that cater for the more active person. With a number of companies offering walking holidays to places all around the world, its no wonder that these types of holidays are becoming more popular. Many of these tour operators offer superb trips to Switzerland, France, Italy,  the Mediterranean and the Himalayas, it is a great opportunity for the family to get out the house and see what the world has to offer.

These types of holidays offer a fantastic opportunity to do something different on your holiday. Most packages include a bed, breakfast and evening meal which is family-friendly and in prime location for all walks to start, however it is the costs of the packages that seem to be the difference between choosing a cheap holiday and a walking holiday; one company offers a trip lasting 7 days at a cost of £305 per person excluding flights which is cheap considering the discounts you can now get off low cost airlines.

In the Majella Walking Holiday experience local prices (on the mountain and in the villages) that are 50% less than in French resorts and significantly less than most other alpine destinations.

There are certain people who prefer to go on active holidays in the UK that involve activities such as walking, but it is hard to see how companies will persuade the other consumer segments to partake in such activities when you can travel to continental Europe for as little as £20 and, even with the strength of the Euro, spend far less in mainland Europe (and get far better weather).

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