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Conservation and Community

ABRUZZO Passions Packages are selected in order to offer the best nature and wildlife experiences on our nature and walking and hiking tours and the best cultural and historic undiscovered gems of Abruzzo.

As we know that bringing tourism to natural areas affects the local environmental and social equilibrium, we care for minimizing the impact that our tours bring to the environment and the communities living in it and we want to do our part in operating sustainable tourism initiatives and contribute to support the communities living in the several destinations of our tours. We choose to stay as often as we can at comfortable places owned by local communities or part of local projects, so that by joining our tours travelers can contribute to sustain locals and to help them continue to care for their environment.

Whenever possible we choose accommodations of our nature tour destinations inside the natural reserves and protected areas, to allow the best tour quality to our clients. In this way we reduce the amount of time spent in the van for transfers, we have the opportunity of enjoying the parks even when they are close to the regular public and in the best times for wildlife and birds viewing and photographic opportunities and, last but not least, we financially support the reserves’ projects. When this is not possible we stay as close as we can to the parks.

We want to offer the healthiest possible tours as well. Certainly in Italy and whenever possible meals will be mainly home made and based on ingredients locally grown or prepared in small farms and you will experience that at times they are grown in the restaurant’s vegetable garden! When available in the areas we visit we choose locally owned restaurants using organic ingredients, natural products and cooking in the traditional ways. The same philosophy we apply to our wine tasting trips, selecting small historic and locally owned wineries that privilege producing high quality wines in the traditional natural way.

Even for what concern shopping, for those who are interested in a personal shopper extension, we suggest locally produced items, which, we assure, combine elegance with old times quality.

We are proud to affirm that we operate globally and we support locally!

In our newsletter we present projects that we support and partner with, news and issues concerning our destinations. We intend to spread the visibility of less known conservation projects, to raise the attention to environmental and community issues and to stimulate a deeper consciousness on preserving our natural world, cultures and traditions with the aim that every body might enjoy a healthy and happy life.

ABRUZZO Passion Walking Tours Team

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